Rider nation is anxiously waiting to find out what really happened at practice on Monday after reports surfaced that a fight broke out involving star receiver Duron Carter.

Around 3:30 p.m. on Monday Carter tweeted “Life is like a box of chocolate...it's the nasty ones that gets you.”

Two hours later, he sent out another cryptic tweet - adding “It was fun while it lasted...love y'all”, leading to speculation that he'd been released after rumors of a locker room fight.

Later in the evening Carter tweeted a picture of himself bowling with his Roughrider teammates with the caption “Just bowled a 202! Highest of my life. Love my guys! They turned a bad day great!!"

CFL insider Dave Naylor has reported that coach Chris Jones says no one has been suspended, but it's possible some disciplinary action could still be taken. Jones is expected to address the media on Tuesday.