REGINA -- The Saskatchewan Roughriders have an offensive tackle position wide open on this year’s roster.

Head coach Craig Dickenson said there are four players competing for one, if not two, tackle positions: Terran Vaughn, Cameron Jefferson, Antonio Garcia and Andrew Lauderdale.

“Right now… it’s a toss up, it really is, so we’ll watch the film, lean heavily on what the coaches have to say and then make a call here in a few days,” said Dickenson.

After Monday’s practice, Dickenson said he wanted to see more physicality out of his offensive line, and today he was ‘pleased’ with the group.

“I saw some runs there where we gained some good yards and I think for the most part we kept the quarterback clean,” he said.

Dickenson said Tuesday’s practice was great overall, and it may have been their best one of camp so far.

“We were physical, flying around, nobody got hurt, everybody was playing hard and competing and also taking care of each other and not falling to the ground, so it was a good day.

While the coach was happy with Tuesday’s practice, Brett Boyko said he hasn’t had a practice he is totally satisfied with yet.

“Obviously you want to be physical, I mean, anytime you’re in an offensive line group you wanna be a dominant group up front and so that’s kind of what we’re gonna continue to work on,” said Boyko.

The offensive lineman has been practicing as a tackle, a position Dickenson said is “natural” for him.

“I think once we moved him out there his arrows been going up, but he’s had a good week, he’s a pro.”

Even though Boyko isn’t on the shortlist for the starting spot, Dickenson said he has been impressed with his game.

“You have to just take as many opportunities as you can to go out there and improve,” said Boyko.