REGINA -- The Saskatchewan Roughriders used their annual green and white scrimmage as a game day practice for the team and volunteers.

Fans were allowed back in Mosaic Stadium for the first time since November 17, 2019 on Saturday.

The Riders organization used the intersquad game to practice new COVID-19 protocols.

“There will be digital ticketing in effect today that is going to be in effect all year long,” Craig Reynolds, President and CEO of the Riders, said. “We have a clear bag policy as well which will just speed up the entry and prevent people from rummaging through your things obviously being conscious of COVID and making sure our fans feel safe.”

Reynolds added fans will notice some other changes throughout the season, mostly on the field. He said only players and coaches will be allowed on the turf.

“Before you used to see the big flag with a couple hundred volunteers we just won’t be able to do that, certainly not at the beginning of the season. You know even out anthem singer would normally be on the field and they won’t be able to at the start of the season,” he said.

Some fan favourites, like sunflower seeds, also won’t be allowed in the stadium this season either.

“There is just a lot of hands to your mouth and saliva involved in that,” Reynolds said. “Obviously blow horns was another one that is prohibited and that’s just as people blow through that they are spitting saliva out into the crowd.”

He said the Riders are working with the Saskatchewan Health Authority to come up with ongoing best practices, adding some of these rules will ease when COVID-19 cases subside and others being permanently implemented.

The team will continue training camp next week as they prepare for their home opener against the BC Lions on August 6.