Hundreds of people attended the Royal Children’s Ball in Regina on Sunday, to help raise money for cystic fibrosis, an illness that affects more than 4,000 Canadians.

The fundraising event raised $12,000 in 2017. Organizers had a goal of reaching $15,000 in 2018.

"People don’t have any clue what cystic fibrosis is so our goal is to get that out there and to make people aware that this disease is out there and we are trying to raise money to find a cure,” Royal Children’s Ball chair Krystal Ulmer said.

The ball itself is nothing short of a child's dream come true, as they get to meet their favourite Disney prince and princess, take photos, dance, and enjoy a royal meal.

"I guess the number one thing is that these kids and families have fun and that it’s memorable for them,” Ulmer said.