REGINA -- The Regina Police Service is reporting decreases in several types of crime in September 2020.

According to the monthly statistics for September 2020, year-to-date there has been a 30.7 per cent decrease in crimes against people and property since September 2019.

Auto thefts have also decreased by 50.2 per cent since September 2019.

“We’ve talked about the possible reasons for this, some of it I believe is COVID related, others has to do with enforcement efforts,” Evan Bray, Regina Police Chief said.

Police reported 4,418 fewer incidents of crime against property. Since September 2019, Regina police have seen 42.7 per cent fewer thefts under $5,000, and 23.9 per cent fewer incidents of mischief and willful damage.


There has been a 24.7 per cent increase in drug crimes in September 2020 compared to last year.

“Yes, there is more drug use and activity in the community, but our enforcement efforts have been constant throughout the year and in fact I believe that’s a big part of what drives that number,” Bray said.

Regina police are also reporting 11 homicides so far in 2020 compared to six at this time in 2019.

“We are obviously experiencing a higher number of homicides in our city which is very concerning and it’s something that we talk about. The challenge really is it’s almost impossible to prevent something like that from happening, those often involve emotional high risk situations,” Bray said.


Regina police reported an 80 per cent decrease in the number cell phone charges to drivers in September 2020.

Police handed out 1,510 tickets in 2019, and have issued 302 tickets so far in 2020.