Rumours are surfacing that the National Football League could be playing a preseason game in August at Mosaic Stadium.

The NFL’s Raiders are in the process of moving from Oakland to Las Vegas and could be making a stop in Regina for a preseason tilt.

While Evraz Place could not comment on the rumours, it did say there are three to six “hold dates” for an unnamed promoter to use Mosaic Stadium in August.

Four-time Superbowl champion and former Raiders linebacker Bill Romanowski is currently a TV analyst for the team. He says having a game played in Regina would make a lot of sense for a franchise looking to expand its fan base in the midst of a move to a tourist destination.

“Vegas is a global destination. If you’re someone in Canada and you go to a Raiders game this season, if they are fortunate enough to get this put together, you get hooked and you say ‘that’s my team’,” Romanowski said.

Former Saskatchewan Roughrider Matt Dominguez says a game played in a Canadian Football League market could also expose players to a new opportunity if they don’t make the final roster.

“For a lot of those players, this will be the first time they have ventured into Canada most likely,” Dominguez said. “So it will give them an opportunity to see what the CFL has to offer, and why not have the Roughriders represent that: New stadium, great fans and it will be well attended.”

Romanowski says he’s heard a lot about former teammates like Dominguez coming to Canada and finding success in the CFL.

“I played in college with Doug Flutie,” Rowmanowski said. “He was a start in Canada, and he came back to the NFL but he really made his mark in Canada.”