Ryan Meili is the new leader of the Saskatchewan NDP.

Meili won the race at the NDP convention on Saturday in Regina, defeating Trent Wotherspoon by a vote of 5,973 to Wotherspoon’s 4,860. The result also meant Nicole Sarauer stepped down as interim leader of the NDP.

“I can’t wait to see what we can achieve together. Thank you so much, let’s get out there, let’s do the next work, let’s build this party, lets defeat the Sask Party,” Meili said during his speech.

The vote had a turnout of around 81 per cent, with a total of 13, 413 eligible voters.

“New Democrats, I want to move here today that the decision of voters is unanimous, and I want to welcome to the microphone the next leader of our party and the next premier of Saskatchewan, Ryan Meili,” Wotherspoon said following the announcement.

Meili believes the province is ready for a different political approach.

“It’s blowing pretty hard out today, I think those might be the winds of change,” Meili said during his victory speech.

During his campaign, Meili spoke of a need for a change in the New Democrat party.

“Sask. NDP has been a bit on the timid side,” Meili recently told CTV News. The party “has wanted to focus mostly on criticizing the Sask. Party and not necessarily put ourselves out there as what are the things we want to achieve.”

After two unsuccessful attempts at running for the party leadership, Meili is now ready to lead the Saskatchewan NDP. He will have only one week to move into the NDP leader's office and prepare for the spring sitting of the legislature. He will be joined by several others who are new to their role including the Premier, Lieutenant Governor and speaker of the house, along with three newly elected MLAs.