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SARCAN hopes modern customer experience encourages more recycling

Moose Jaw, Sask. -

SARCAN is modernizing its recycling centres in Saskatchewan. On Wednesday, it officially opened its most advanced facility in Moose Jaw. SARCAN hopes an improved customer experience will encourage more recycling.

Returning empties to SARCAN for recycling used to be a frustrating experience at times with long line-ups and cramped quarters. That’s changing with new recycling centres like the one in Moose Jaw.

“We have expanded the program over the years so we have a ton of different material that comes in so it has really been a Saskatchewan success story,” explained Kevin Acton, manager of operations for SARCAN.

A ribbon cutting ceremony was held in Moose Jaw for the new centre at 52 Highland Road. It’s one of the busiest in the province with 17 million containers recycled last year.

“Awesome. We were talking about what technology they had in 1988 compared to now,” Minister of Environment Christine Tell said.

There are more customer service bays and room to fit everyone inside even at the busiest of times. Regulars with accounts can be whisked in and out through Drop and Go and there’s more automation in the back.

“As we get all our containers, we throw it into the bag. We don’t have to count it or anything. That’s what they do up front,” said Russell Hippert, a SARCAN worker.

Customers were waiting as the doors opened for the day. SARCAN is important to Ken Green who recycles to make extra pocket change.

“I go through bins, blue bins, red bin, through garbages, everything to get them. I’m a binner I guess you could call me,” said Ken Green.

SARCAN has now built or upgraded seven of its locations across Saskatchewan with this latest technology. It eventually plans to modernize all 73 centres to improve customer service and to make recycling even more attractive. Top Stories

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