REGINA -- Airlines are making significant cuts to the number of flights at Saskatchewan airports. There are fewer people travelling as residents heed advice to self isolate.

About 200 passengers a day are now flying out of Regina. The airlines have cut flights accordingly. Only three flights are scheduled to leave the Regina airport on Monday, all heading to Calgary. Saskatoon‘s departure board has five flights.

"This is not unique to the airport. Every business in Canada is feeling this. Our airport will certainly be making changes in the near future to how we operate. Our operating hours will be obviously reduced, and the requirements on what we need to do to maintain this airport will also be reduced,” Regina Airport Authority President and CEO James Bogusz said.

Adriano Leo was desperate to catch a plane from Saskatoon home to Brazil, but his flight was cancelled, so he and his brother drove to the Regina airport.

“That’s actually the last flight going to Brazil out of Canada, after that we’re stuck here for good. But we’re lucky we actually caught it,” Leo said.

The airport is advising passengers to confirm their reservations before coming to the terminal. Flights are changing daily, and there are cancelations on very short notice.