It’s been one year since SK Books & Collectibles first opened its doors in Regina after a nine year stay in Lebret. The store is the only independent bookstore in the city and is shelved with lots of local authors. For Stewart Klyne, the owner, giving Saskatchewan writers a chance to share their work in the Queen City is something the store is most proud of.

“They say they don’t see their books in any other places, except in my store,” said Klyne.

SK Books is one of many stores across the country that spent Saturday celebrating Canadian Authors for Indies Day, a day that gives the local authors a chance to spend time with customers and participate in readings from their published works.

Heather Peat Hamm, a Saskatchewan poet, believes that reading her work aloud helps her audience get a better understanding of the meaning behind her written words.

“They didn’t get the heart of the poem until they heard it read,” Peat Hamm said.

Independent stores give authors the chance to see their books at the front of the store, rather than part of a Canadian section in a big-box retailer.

“It’s these bookstores that carry the work of not just local writers, but Candadian writers,” said local author Bruce Rice. “You find a lot of things here that you won’t be able to find other places.”

Another author, Alison Lohans, says these small bookstores also create a connection between writers and store owners.

“They’re much more able to connect people with the kinds of books they love to have. And so, they are the ones who really support us, and we like to support them,” said Lohans.

And for customers like Chris Herman, who appreciate local wares, it’s important to support Regina’s independent stores.

“I like to support local businesses period, because, if we don’t support them, they’re not going to be here in a few years when we need them to be.”