REGINA -- Nowhere in Canada are utility costs cheaper overall than in Saskatchewan. The provincial government credits its Crown Corporations.

“Some people say the Crowns should be independent, should be a profit centre for government but we don’t agree we that. We think it should be seen as a social utility,” said Don Morgan, the minister of Crown investments.

The provincial utility cost calculations is based on the average cost for a two-car family to drive their vehicles, heat their home, power the appliances and have telecommunication services for a year.

Rounded off, the utility bundle comes to $8,500 in B.C., $10,900 in Alberta, $5,700 in Manitoba and $5,600 in Saskatchewan.

People in other provinces like Ontario pay twice as much according to the government calculation.

“We think it is a very good thing to have happen. Our citizens should appreciate this help in what is otherwise a very challenging time,” said Morgan

The Opposition NDP say the distinction won’t last long once the current SaskPower rate decrease and an SGI rebate end.

“If you look at it – even by their table – a after this year with this deficit financed rebate, next year we go back to having the highest power rates in the country,” said Aleana Young, NDP Critic for SaskPower and SGI.