The Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce says both the provincial and federal governments need to do more when it comes to promoting business competitiveness.

That’s according to a report released by the chamber Wednesday called “Beyond 2020: A Blueprint for Saskatchewan Business Competitiveness”.

The main reasoning for saying government has to do more for business is attributed to more competition for the province in international markets and the challenges from an “ever-changing” political landscape.

The chamber touts the report as offering a number of solutions to help keep Saskatchewan businesses as competitive as possible in the future.

“Beyond 2020” contains 24 recommendations, covering areas including taxation, regulation and more.

“This report will serve as a valuable tool to inform business and government on what needs to be done to keep this province moving forward. As its title suggests, we need to think beyond 2020 to ensure our businesses continue to thrive,” stated Steve McLellan, the CEO of SCC. “We are holding our own in global markets, but the speed of business and the number of disrupters is changing how we do things here, as well as the markets we need to be in.”

The full report can be viewed here.