REGINA -- A Saskatchewan Curling team is getting ready to represent the province at the Special Olympics Canada Winter Games in Thunder Bay next month.

Daniel Fiedelleck is skipping a team at this year’s Special Olympics Saskatchewan Bonspiel in Regina, before heading off to the national stage.

"I curl four, five games a week. So I curl lots. 120 games or more I curl," Fiedelleck said. “[We will] keep on practicing for a couple more weeks and fly out."

But it will not be his first time on the national stage, having been to several Canadian competitions before. His coach, Brian Kjelshus, said Fiedelleck’s years of watching and playing the game have given him a keen sense of strategy.

“A lot of guys can throw a good stone, slide, sweep, but strategy is often something that. It's hard to teach somebody strategy,” said Kjelshus.

Fourteen teams from across Saskatchewan and Manitoba were in Regina over the weekend for the sixth annual Curl Regina Bonspiel. Up from just four in the first year, Special Olympics Saskatchewan said it is something the athletes are always excited for.

“They look forward to this bonspiel every year, so it's something that we provide for our athletes so that they can compete against not just their home teams,” said Darlene Macquarrie, the director of Programs with Special Olympics Saskatchewan.

The Special Olympics Canada Winter Games get under way in Thunder Bay on February 25.