A Regina doctor has been charged with having sexual relations with a patient, unprofessional conduct, impersonating another physician, failing to provide a proper urine sample, improper billing and improper prescribing.

Dr. Jordan Velestuk, who admitted to taking ketamine for personal use from the Pasqua Hospital in 2013, is facing charges related to a sexual relationship with a patient he was married to. The charges laid by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Saskatchewan say that the patient who is Velestuk’s spouse began coming to him in March of 2014. Velestuk prescribed medication to the patient on a number of occasions before the Government of Saskatchewan was notified that the patient was Velestuk’s spouse.

 Velestuk was practicing in Moosomin, Sask. on March 30 when these charges were laid.

Velestuk is charged with failing to properly address a patient who was abusing medication. The charges say that the doctor failed to keep proper medical records for the patient in question. He administered injections to the patient but failed to record what had been injected, and failed to meet the professional standards expected when he was notified that the patient was abusing medication he prescribed.

The patient admitted to selling the medication, and Velestuk allegedly did not take proper action. He failed to notify the government that the patient had been found unconscious with pill bottles. The patient had previously tested positive for methamphetamine, THC, opiates and benzodiazepines, and one three occasions told Velestuk that her medication had been stolen. He failed to properly address all of these cases.

There are several charges that allege he provided patients with unknown injections. One patient reacted badly to the unknown injection and Velestuk attended to the patient in his car.

He is also accused of falsifying a urine sample he was ordered to take after admitting to stealing ketamine in 2013.

Velestuk is accused of impersonating another physician in a number of emails sent to the Medical Services Branch.


Dr. Jordan Velestuk was previously an employee of Queen City Medical.