REGINA -- A family that farms near Yellowgrass is sharing an old sign they found in their barn, which was built before 1917.

“I hopped into the old milk room, just organizing, and I looked up on my way out the door, and there it was,” said Dana Quigley, who found the message Tuesday evening.

The message has a red cross and reads "Time cures all ills."

“It’s quite faded and it’s definitely been there since the beginning,” said Quigley.

The Quigley family bought the farm in 2004. They recently started rediscovering the old autographs on the walls of the barn, after Quigley’s children got into 4-H, and they needed to use the barn for cattle.

There’s no date on the drawing, but a stamp in the concrete of the barn dates the structure back to 1917, a time when the world was dealing with global conflict and the cusp of the Spanish flu.

More than 100 years later - in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic - Quigley can’t help but feel like she discovered the words at the perfect time.

“(We) couldn’t have used a better message,” said Quigley. “History is a wonderful thing. And it is sure exciting to go through with my kids and look in wonder, and wonder about all the people that have even helped build this old relic.”