REGINA -- A feature-length film that explores coming-of-age in a multicultural Canadian family began filming in Regina on Monday, a new project from Canadian actor and writer Agam Darshi.

Darshi will be making her directorial debut in the upcoming film ‘Donkeyhead,’ a story that she believes many will relate to. 

“I never planned to direct it to be honest, but I entered into that with a lot of enthusiasm and encouragement from various people. Because it is a personal story, it felt like I was the best person to tell it,” Darshi said. 

After years of script writing and different variations, Creative Saskatchewan and Karma Film took it on —seeing its potential. 

‘Donkeyhead’ follows Mona — played by Darshi — a woman from a traditional Sikh family returning home to take care of her ailing father. After her father’s passing, her three successful siblings return home and Mona is forced to face her past and family dynamics. 

For Darshi, this is more than just a film. It is a representation of the different heritages she’s grown up with. 

“I really wanted to tell a story about what it was like for me as a Sikh Punjabi person growing up in Canada, where I feel just as Canadian as I do Indian,” said Darshi. “I wanted to have an honest portrayal of what it was to be in this family and grow up in this country.” 

Despite challenges brought on by the pandemic, the film’s producer said the team has managed to pull through in order to bring this raw and emotional story to life. 

“It certainly adds a cost. First of all, we have to hire more people to make sure we’re following the COVID protocols, have designated COVID-19 safety protocols and have a designated COVID safety person on the set all the time to make sure everyone is practicing safe work on set,” said Kelly Balon, who is the producer of 'Donkeyhead'. 

The release of the film is planned for winter 2021.