YORKTON -- Since March, Jolene de Vries has been advocating to get the province to deem fitness facilities as essential services for Saskatchewan residents.

She's not alone in her fight, Regina Readiness Fitness owner, Tracy Read is wanting more clarification and regulations for everyone rather than just for some fitness owners.

Readiness Fitness

Tracy Read, the owner of Regina's Readiness Fitness. (Alison MacKinnon/CTV News)

“We put 5,668 class spots since we reopened in August. Zero cases of COVID,” Read said. “We have very strict protocols in place we're following them we're trying to keep everybody safe, but the rules need to be the same for everybody.”

The Government of Saskatchewan announced new provincial guidelines Tuesday, but those did not include any changes for gyms or fitness facilities.

“Over the next few days, we will be consulting with the hospitality industry with gyms, as well as sports and recreation organizations on steps that we can take to improve the guidelines and to make each of these venues, and each of these activities safer,” Scott Moe, the Premier of Saskatchewan, said.

As part of the Saskatchewan Coalition of the Fitness Industry, de Vries has been collecting data from fitness facilities across the province.

"We have asked the gyms for a number of check-ins from June 8 to November 13, and we've also asked if they had any exposures within their gyms, whether it was staff, or whether it was a member of the public, how many exposures occurred and if they know if they were a spot of transmission. How many [were there] so we can actually calculate those numbers to present to the province," de Vries said.

The survey found almost 800,000 workouts have resulted in .006 percent of exposures and .00075 percent of the rate of transmission.

de Vries is hoping to bring these findings to the attention of the provincial government and health officials.

“What we want to cover is number one, the data from our survey, and two how we believe we're important and can actually help reduce the load on the medical system."