REGINA -- The Government of Saskatchewan is considering rebranding the logos associated with its Crown corporations.

Crown corporation logos are familiar symbols to Saskatchewan residents. The signs have been around for decades. The government is considering new corporate colours and logos for the Crowns. In a

“If there is an opportunity to strengthen and align those services through branding we would consider moving forward with such an initiative,” the government said in a written statement

The changes could mean spending millions of dollars replacing signs and applying new decals to trucks. 

The NDP opposition believes this would be a waste of money. 

 “That’s not where we should be spending Crown money right now. We’ve got blackouts over and over again. We need to change to more renewable energy. We need accessible high-quality internet,” NDP leader Rya Meili said.

Eight years ago, the provincial government rebranded, shedding the familiar wheat sheaf for a rectangle which is the shape of the province on the map. It chose green and yellow as the colours, which match the Saskatchewan flag. The NDP said it also matches the colours of the Saskatchewan Party.

 “They rebranded all the province’s logos to look like their party’s logo. They stole our province’s name for their party,” Meili said.

The government said rebranding is at the exploratory stage and that if rebranding proceeds, it would be structured in a way that minimizes cost.