The Saskatchewan government has followed through on a pledge from earlier this year, and has publicly posted the summer travel expenses of all its cabinet ministers, and their staff.

The priciest trip was by Economy Minister Bill Boyd, who spent three weeks in China at a cost of over $44,000 while attending a conference on carbon capture technology, and meeting with business leaders.

Premier Brad Wall's five days in Charlottetown, meeting with other premiers, cost more than $20,000.

Former Education Minister Russ Marchuk's four-day trip to Charlottetown, to meet with other education ministers, cost nearly $8,000.

The premier says he has reviewed, and is pleased with his cabinet's travel expenses, noting they are about half of what the previous NDP administration spent.

Travel expenses became a hot topic for the government this past spring, when questions were raised about $3,600 spent by Social Services Minister June Draude on a car service during a trip to London.

Ministerial travel expenses for the first six months of this fiscal year are now posted online at