REGINA -- The government of Saskatchewan says it is looking to appoint a Chief Firearms Officer (CFO) at the provincial level.

Usually the firearms officer is appointed by the federal government, the province said in a news release. Earlier this year, Premier Scott Moe said Saskatchewan would appoint its own CFO.

The province says it’s working with Ottawa to move from a federally appointed CFO to a provincially appointed one.

“We believe a provincially-appointed Chief Firearms Officer will be well positioned to represent Saskatchewan’s position on firearms regulation to the federal government,” Corrections and Policing Minister Christine Tell said in a news release. “Our government will always stand beside law-abiding Saskatchewan firearms owners, and we believe a provincially-appointed CFO will assist in that advocacy.”

The CFO administers the Firearms Act in the province, along with supervising licensing, transporting and carrying firearms. The CFO can also license instructors delivering gun safety courses in Saskatchewan.

The position will open Thursday and closes on June 10.