REGINA -- The Saskatchewan Health Authority (SHA) has issued $20,000 worth of fines to individuals and a business that have broken the COVID-19 public health order.

The SHA has handed out a total of four fines, three to individuals and one to a business.

An individual was charged $2,800 ($2,000 plus surcharges) for not self-isolating while symptomatic. The SHA found this person was not self-isolating while symptomatic through contact tracing.

An individual in Saskatoon was fined $2,800 for having a gathering at a home with 47 people present. This gathering resulted in at least 21 people becoming infected. The SHA contact traced 160 people because of the gathering.

A third individual was fined $2,800 for not self-isolating while ill with COVID-19.

The fourth fine was handed to a business for operating during restrictions. That fine was $10,000 but then climbed to $14,000 when surcharges were added to it.

"Fines are not our first choice; we want people to be responsible and protect their health and the health of friends, family and community," the Ministry of Health said in a statement.

The Ministry said when individuals break the public health order, they are fined $2,000 but when businesses break it, that fine climbs to $10,000.

The fines also have a victims of crime surcharge added to them which is in accordance to The Victims of Crime Regulations.

"However, there can be very serious consequences for not following Public Health Orders and we are seeing increasing transmission rates in Saskatchewan and across the country as a result of social gatherings (weddings, parties etc.)," The Ministry said. "This is putting our schools, businesses and health facilities at risk."