The Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission has made a decision on a complaint made by a Regina man, relating to an incident that happened at a Canadian Tire in 2017.

The Canadian Tire agreed to apologize to Kamao Cappo, who claimed he was unfairly accused of stealing and thrown out of a Canadian Tire in Regina. The employee involved in the altercation was fired, but police did not proceed with charges.

“We all need to grow individually in Saskatchewan, we all need to grow as a province and we do that though the spirit of reconciliation which is so badly needed in this province,” Saskatchewan Human Rights Commissioner David Arnot said.

All employees at the Canadian tire location in question will be required to take training on how to properly serve customers of all backgrounds.

“It is our hope that through his incident and the training implemented the store will emerge as a stronger and a more responsive organization that can better serve its customers,” Francois Brien with Canadian Tire.

Whether or not a monetary settlement is included has been kept quiet, but the commissioner says the majority of cases resolved through mediation have a monetary settlement attached.

Cappo believes that the employee involved learned a lesson and said he is satisfied with the outcome of the resolution.