REGINA -- Premier of Saskatchewan Scott Moe announced $10 million to help support communities transitioning away from coal and toward other economic opportunities.

The funds will go toward communities like Estevan and Coronach, where the economy is rooted in the coal industry.

Moe said it’s important that the government ensure Saskatchewan communities have successful tranisitions to “cleaner energy sources and new business developments.”

“I grew up in Estevan and spent a decade on its city council, so I know first-hand the tenacity, determination and hard-work ethic of everyone in the area,” Government Relations Minister and Estevan MLA Lori Carr said. “It’s those characteristics that will help us re-imagine this great part of our province and leverage new economic opportunities as we go through this time of change.”

Federal rules say all coal-fired power stations shut down after 50 years in operation, or by 2030, whichever comes first.

Three power stations, several mines and hundreds of jobs in Saskatchewan’s southeast are impacted by these regulations.

In Coronach, the phaseout means half the population will lose their jobs as approximately 300 of the 600 residents work at the Poplar Power Station.

The Mayor of Coronach, Travor Schnell, says over 50 houses in town are for sale, as residents are leaving to look for work.

Moe says the province will continue working with Estevan and Coranach to attract business and keep jobs in the region. He said the provincial budget will show large investments in infrastructure and investments to encourage more pipelines in Saskatchewan.