REGINA -- Husband and wife, Jamie and Mallory Scissons were planning a trip to Los Angeles to see Jamie’s favourite football team, the Seattle Seahawks, in early December.

That was when Mallory put their name down for a number of talk and game shows.

The Price Is Right emailed the couple back and invited them on the show with Jamie eventually being chosen as a contestant.

“I still can’t really believe it. It seems surreal and my heart just races just thinking about it. I had goosebumps, I was sweating, I was in shock the whole time, I couldn’t believe it,” said Jamie, who grew up watching the game show when Bob Barker was host.

“Probably about a month prior to us leaving us when we got accepted to the show. Oh I was so happy it wasn’t me, I would have choked, (Jamie) was so good because it’s different with the states prices versus Canada prices,” added Mallory.

Jamie, who now lives in Regina, got the right bid on a drone. He then ran on stage and gave The Price Is Right host Drew Carey a big hug and a shout out to his original home city of Saskatoon. He then guessed the right number in the game Flip, Flop, winning a VIP trip to Miami for the Rolling Loud Festival in May. He then spun the big wheel and decided to announce the couple's pregnancy to the country.

“It just came out of his mouth because we were pretty early still when were down there and I didn’t know he was going to do that,” said Mallory.

“We had told all our family over Christmas like our close family and close friends but we haven’t really announced it to anyone else yet,” added Jamie.

Jamie made it all the way to the showcase showdown, the final round in the game show. He had to guess a combined bid on a surfboard, a trip to Bali and a Jeep Compass. The couple admits, the Jeep price threw them off compared to Canadian prices. Jamie was over by only $696 dollars but he is still thankful for winning a drone and the trip to Miami.

“It was a pretty hard pill to swallow but having already won prizes and the experience, I didn’t mind at all,” said Jamie.

The couple agrees, that they have quite the pregnancy announcement and a unique story the Jamie will be able to share with friends and family for many years to come.

“It was hard keeping the pregnancy a secret but it was just as hard keeping the Price Is Right a secret, we just had to keep telling everyone to wait and watch the show,” said the father-to-be.