REGINA -- A Saskatchewan man has claimed his prize, after a Set For Life ticket worth $1 million sat on his table for nearly a month.

“I don't know how I didn't see it at home when I originally had scratched it!” Bradley Nyhus said. “It was laying on my table for three or four weeks, possibly more. I noticed it sitting there when I was on my way to an appointment and to get gas and a car wash.”

He picked up a variety of lottery tickets from the Co-op in Radville, Sask. at the end of January.

“I started scanning them on the ticket checker. I didn't win on the first few, then I saw a 1, a dash and all these zeroes,” Nyhus recalled “I thought it must be an error code!”

He was so skeptical that he verified his ticket five more times at two different ticket checkers.

“I’ll use it to pay off the student loans for my three daughters. Beyond that, maybe invest the rest and look at retiring,” said Nyhus. “I have a running joke with the clerk [at the] Radville Co-op. I always say to her, ‘Just once it would be nice to win.’ Now here I am.”