NEAR ARCOLA -- A man from southeast Saskatchewan says every year a spring and fall release from a nearby town’s lagoon is affecting his property.

Doug Brownridge, the owner of a property near Arcola for around 30 years, says the biannual release causes flooding on his property, leaving him with standing water that sometimes lasts well after the release is finished.

“I in no way, shape or form am responsible for treating the sewage from that town or having my land used as the third cell of a lagoon twice a year,” Brownridge told CTV News. “A large amount of fluid stays on my property and sits there until it evaporates, dies whatever happens with it. So you’re stuck with it, it’s unusable.”

Brownridge also says he stopped keeping livestock on the property due to his concerns about the water quality.

“As far as grazing, it’s a no-go. It’s useless,” Brownridge said.

The Saskatchewan Water Security Agency says wastewater being discharged from any lagoon in the province has to meet certain regulatory standards in order to be released.

“A lot of the times with the treated effluent is there will be high levels of nutrients in them so that nutrient level that goes through into a natural course of water there is the main factor,” said Patrick Boyle with the WSA.

The WSA and the Town of Arcola say the systems have been fully compliant with all regulations since 2017 when the town upgraded its lagoon facilities.

“Our spring discharge from the lagoon has occurred and it is authorized within the terms of our permit to operate that has been granted to the Town of Arcola,” said Christie Hislop, the Town’s Chief Administrative Officer.

Brownridge says other issues aside, he’s still being left with standing water after the releases take place and adds he is prepared to take the issue to court if necessary, but after dealing with it for so long, he hopes another solution can be found.