Saskatchewan's NDP leader thinks an early provincial election should be called.

Just about a week into Ryan Meili’s role as NDP leader, he’s calling for an early provincial election, because Premier Scott Moe has only been in office for about two months. Meili thinks the public should now have it's say in who leads the province. 

"(Moe) doesn't really have the mandate of the people. This is a few thousand people out of the million plus that we are made this choice. I think it would be wise if we had an election sooner,” Meili said.

The last provincial election was only two years ago in March of 2016. Premier Moe believes the Saskatchewan Party has the mandate it needs to keep governing. 

"The Saskatchewan Party had a strong mandate to govern in the 2016 election. We have always said that there would be a set election date every four years,” Moe said.

Saskatchewan does have fixed election dates every four years, but it was moved last time to accommodate a federal election. The four year term will be extended again in 2020, to reset the schedule back to a fall vote. 

The province has already had five by-elections since the last vote, with another one coming up. Meili feels it would be worth it to have a general election. 

"What matters more than that sort of arbitrary fixed election date rule is what the people really need and the opportunity for them to express their democratic intention for the future of the province," Meili said.

"No, I don't think it does become a need for the Saskatchewan Party because as I said did have a mandate in 2016 and there are by-elections from time to time,” Moe said.

A by-election to replace Kevin Doherty must be held within six months from now and it might not be the only one. Former House Speaker Corey Tochor is considering his resignation from the legislature to take a run at federal politics and there could be other MLA's sharing a similar interest.

-With files from a story by Wayne Mantyka