REGINA -- Some people in Saskatchewan are getting a little peeved with a certain Kate.  

Kate, a bot from the Saskatchewan Party, has been sending election messages to garner support for the upcoming fall election.

Some people told CTV News Regina on Thursday that the messages are a little invasive, while others don’t see an issue with the texts.

But whether you agree with Kate or not, one professor says Kate is getting information.

Tom McIntosh, a politics professor at the University of Regina, said every time someone engages with the text message, the Sask. Party is getting useful information for the election.

"When people don't respond yes and they say 'no, I'll never vote for you because of x, y and z,' the Sask. Party then can mine all of those responses to see what are the big trigger issues for people in the lead up to the election," McIntosh said.

"Everybody is mentioning the school opening plan and that's why they're mad at the Sask Party. That gives them information.”

The Sask. Party declined to do an interview with CTV News about this election tactic but responded with a statement.

"We understand that there are some people who don’t like being contacted online or through text, just as there are some people who don’t like being contacted by phone or at the doorstep, however, as a political party seeking election, our goal is to contact as many voters as possible," it said.

The provincial election is on Oct. 26.