Police forces across Saskatchewan have launched a new tool to help them locate and help vulnerable people in the province.

The program is called the MedicAlert Connect-Protect Program. It’s meant to bring another level of protection for people most at-risk to go missing.

People who have registered with the program receive a piece of wearable identification, like a bracelet or necklace. It informs people or other first responders of their medical information, allergies and wandering history.

“Sixty per cent of people who have dementia at some point throughout the disease will go missing,” said Joanne Michael, the director of programs and operations for the Alzheimer’s Society. “So, having police have immediate access to information about them via a MedicAlert is super important.”

“The fact that police officers can go up and within minutes get some really important information about where they live, any medications they might have, family members, those types of things, that operationally is very important,” Regina Police Chief Evan Bray said.

Every police department in Saskatchewan is on board with the project. People can sign up now, and many organizations are encouraging their clients to register.

Based on a report by CTV Regina's Lynn Giesbrecht