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Sask. police nab more than 800 distracted drivers

Saskatchewan police nabbed hundreds of distracted drivers in August and while many were caught fumbling with their phones there were also some more unusual "actions."

According to Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI), of the 837 distracted drivers, 729 were using their phone behind the wheel. As for the other 108, there was a bit of variety according to the provincial insurer.

Regina drivers were caught watching YouTube or playing with a Rubik's cube while in the driver's seat, SGI said.

Also worth noting, although the incident occurred in September, Regina police Cst. Mike Seel recently posted on X that he caught two people “engaging in activities better left for the bedroom.”

SGI says tickets for distracted driving and driving without due care and attention start at $580 and four demerit points against a person’s driver’s licence.

A second offence within a year of the first results in a $1400 ticket and a seven-day vehicle impoundment.

According to SGI, police also caught 494 impaired drivers in August, resulting in 212 criminal code charges and 282 administrative suspensions.

Police also issued 419 tickets for various seatbelt and car seat offences and 4,880 tickets for speeding and aggressive driving offences.

The Regina Police Service (RPS) meanwhile is planning on cracking down on distracted driving even more with a blitz on Tuesday and Wednesday.

An RPS news release says police from around the province will be working to identify various traffic violations at various locations in and around Regina.

Speeding, distracted driving, seatbelt use, unlicenced drivers and commercial vehicle standards will be main focuses.

Impaired driving will also be a top priority, RPS said. Top Stories

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