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Sask. premier clears the air, says he 'doesn't believe in chemtrails'


Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe said on Thursday that he doesn’t believe in chemtrails during a news conference at Canada’s Farm Show. 

Moe was recently speaking at a town hall event in Speers, Sask. in his own constituency of Rosthern-Shellbrook, when the topic came up, one of several conspiracy theories he chose not to outright denounce during the event.

On Tuesday, however, Moe said he doesn’t believe chemtrails are real.

“I actually don’t believe in chemtrails [and] dropping whatever chemicals,” Moe said.

Moe also clarified that the question he was asked at the town hall was not specific to chemtrails and also included concerns about airplanes dropping chemicals as part of regular operations during flights.

“The question was not specific to chemtrails it was [about] a bunch of products coming out of the planes, however, when it comes to jets flying over our area there is pollution coming out of those jets and that’s something we do need to pay attention to,” Moe said.

“What turned out to be a question on chemtrails was not worded that way,” he added.

At the town hall meeting Moe was handed a stack of papers by a resident in attendance who claimed the Saskatchewan Health Authority (SHA) and the Public Health Agency of Canada infected the population at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic using a Chinese delivery system meant for biological weapons.

“I’ll read your document,” was Moe’s response, which was met with applause from many in attendance.

The premier was also asked at the town hall if he was aware of the barium, aluminum, strontium, lithium and atrazine being dumped on the province by “god knows who”.

Moe, who first confirmed if the person was referring to chemtrails, then responded by saying he had to do more work looking into it.

“I am starting to hear about this from emails that are coming into our office over the last number of months and honestly I’ll have to do some more work looking into it,” Moe said at the town hall.

On Tuesday, Moe said aside from being premier he is also an MLA and noted that many residents of his constituency drove a long way to ask questions at the town hall.

“I’m an MLA that represents the people that live in my constituency of Rosthern-Shellbrook and when I am invited to go out and listen to them I am going to,” he said.

--With files from David Prisciak. Top Stories


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