REGINA -- As Saskatchewan continues to battle the COVID-19 pandemic, Scott Moe came under fire on social media after a photo was shared of Moe and his wife failing to follow the physical distancing guidelines.

The couple posed for a photo with the owners of Lil Bean Ice Cream in Rosthern, Sask. over the weekend.

“The owners of the ice cream shop wanted to take a picture with us, which we were happy to do as a show of support for a local business. While we were outside and together only briefly to take the picture, I recognize that we should have stood further apart in order to practice proper physical distancing," Moe said in a statement to CTV News Regina.

"I regret that my error in judgment has caused difficulty for a small business started by two young entrepreneurs."

NDP leader Ryan Meili says the photo sends mixed messages to residents of the province.

"We’ve got a Premier who has not modelled taking this seriously on multiple occasions," Meili said. "This is one more event that’s symbolic of a Premier who hasn’t taken COVID-19 seriously."

The photo has since been deleted from the business’ Facebook page.