REGINA -- Premier Scott Moe believes Saskatchewan was left out of Wednesday’s Speech from the Throne.

“It simply is not a speech from the throne with much substance, most certainly any substance around supporting any of the industries that create wealth and build our communities in this province,” Moe said.

Last week, Moe sent a letter to the Prime Minister highlighting some topics he wanted to see addressed in the throne speech. The letter included putting a pause on the carbon tax, which the province is currently fighting in the Supreme Court right now. It also asked for more municipal infrastructure investment and changes to federal transfers.

“We are seeing nothing in this speech from the throne that addresses any of the concerns that Saskatchewan has put forward, and by extension, addresses none of the concerns that the premiers from the Council of Federation have put forward,” Moe said.

The premier said he was most disappointed that no support was mentioned for the province’s energy industry or agriculture industry.

Moe said he believes Ottawa is trying to phase out the energy industry.

“The only time in the Speech from the Throne that Saskatchewan was essentially mentioned was in the phase out of our energy industry workers,” Moe said. “That in no way provides me with any relief with the direction of this current government.”

Energy and agriculture were also mentioned by Regina Qu’Appelle MP and former leader of the opposition Andrew Scheer. He said he was hoping for some type of signal that the federal government would stand behind the energy sector.

“To hopefully help get them back to work, but instead nothing on that,” he said. “It’s quite clear that people from Saskatchewan have been left out of this throne speech.”

Scheer added there was no mention of the agriculture sector “in any meaningful way.”

“Many producers have gone through a very difficult harvest last year. The cost for grain drying very high, and then the carbon tax being added onto that,” he said. “We were looking for some type of a signal for farmers and ranchers that this government would provide support to them.”

Scheer added there was nothing in the throne speech that would help people who work in the oil and gas industry get back to work.