Saskatchewan's premier says he will follow suit with this Alberta counterpart when it comes to introducing legislation which would cut off the province's flow of oil to BC if an agreement can't be reached.

"The province of Saskatchewan would be the next place for BC to look for fuel products. So we will be looking at this legislation more closely and we will be introducing our own piece of legislation in the next couple of days, not weeks, but days. We will be asking the opposition here in Saskatchewan to support that," said Premier Scott Moe on Monday.

Despite an emergency meeting between B.C., Alberta and the federal government on Sunday, B.C. Premier John Horgan stands firm on his concerns surrounding the pipeline.

"Our tourism industry would be severely compromised with an adverse diluted bitumen spill," Horgan said on Sunday.

Alberta Premier Rachel Notley and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau have made statements about seeking financial arrangements with Kinder Morgan to reassure investors.

"I have instructed the Minister of Finance to initiate formal financial discussions with Kinder Morgan," Trudeau also said on Sunday.

Meanwhile, Saskatchewan's finance minister isn't sure if dollars will make a difference.

"We just need him to step up to the plate and prove to us that we are a nation that's united," Finance Minister Donna Harpauer said on Monday.

There's division coming from the Canadian Taxpayers Federation (CTF) when it comes to taxpayers footing the bill to keep the pipeline project on track.

"Throwing taxpayer money on this bonfire of a debacle is not going to solve it," said Todd MacKay, prairie director of the CTF. "What we need to do is get the politicians in the same room and tell them they can't come out until they have a solution."

Alberta and Saskatchewan are upping the ante with this legislation that would ultimately leave BC's oil taps dry if its stance on the pipeline project doesn't change - an ultimatum Premier Moe hopes doesn't have to come to fruition.

"We hope it doesn't come to this. We truly don't," he said. "This is not a conversation we want to be having as a province of Saskatchewan." he said. "We want to have a conversation on how we can continue to enhance our opporutinites here in Saskatchewan to enhance the economy, not just in Saskatchewan but across Canada."

Kinder Morgan has given the federal government a deadline of May 31 to reassure its investors the Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion will be built.