REGINA -- After two years at the helm of Saskatchewan’s RCMP, Assistant Commissioner Mark Fisher is stepping down as Commanding Officer of F Division.

Fisher describes his two years in the role as a "whirlwind.”

"I never thought I would get to work in three different provinces and ever get the opportunity to be a commanding officer of a provincial police force with the RCMP, it’s been a real honour to get to do that," Fisher said.

Fisher’s career has covered more than 25 years with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. He moved into the role of Saskatchewan’s commanding officer in 2018.

Fisher says he’s proud of the work done during his tenure to reduce officer vacancy rates, lowering the rural crime rate and implementing Canada’s first RCMP reconciliation strategy.

"This isn’t a checked box or a one event item, reconciliation is going to be a long, on-going process," Fisher said.

"Being aware of that history and learning more about it because that is different in each community and each province as well, and having an acknowledgment and how that impacts the service we deliver in those communities and the approach we take in working with them."

The last few months of Fisher’s term have seen new challenges from a global pandemic to increased scrutiny on police brutality.

He says independent oversight of police incidents involving excessive force is needed in Saskatchewan.

"When it happens, there needs to be accountability, there needs to be a transparent investigation of those incidents and I’ve been an advocate since the day I landed on the ground here for clear, independent oversight," Fisher said.

Fisher’s last day with the RCMP will be on Monday.

"I’m very proud of what we’ve accomplished here and obviously proud of my career during my time in the Mounted Police," he said. "I leave with my head held high and leaving a team that’s in very good shape."

Fisher’s retirement won’t last long as he will start in a new role as Deputy Chief of the Oak Bay Police Department next month.

A search is underway to find his replacement at RCMP F Division.