REGINA -- The Saskatchewan RCMP Underwater Recovery Team is conducting a search in Regina Beach related to the unsolved death of Misha Pavelick.

The 15-year-old case is the focus of a new three-part podcast created by the Sask. RCMP to renew interest in the case, which could lead to new information.


Sask. RCMP are searching the Regina Beach area, in relation to the Misha Pavelick case. (Marc Smith / CTV News Regina)

"The RCMP Underwater Recovery Team is assisting investigators with an evidence search in relation to the ongoing investigation," Mandy Maier, spokesperson for the Sask. RCMP said. "Investigators have received multiple tips/information in relation to the investigation in the past few weeks."

Misha Pavelick was 19-years-old when he was stabbed to death at a graduation party near Regina Beach, Sask., on May 21, 2006. Approximately 200 people were at the party, but those responsible for his death have never been charged.