REGINA -- Though Valentine’s and Family Day aim to bring people together, the province is reminding residents to keep their distance.

The government recommends people keep Family Day week plans within their immediate household. If families choose to gather outdoors, the province says they should stay two metres apart, should not share food or drinks and gather in groups of 10 or fewer.

If you have a special someone for Valentine’s Day, the province suggests sharing love virtually, through a call, text or video chat.

The Saskatchewan Health Authority says if you are exchanging goodies, it is best to give individually-wrapped, unopened store-bought treats and set cards aside for 24 hours. Public health does not recommend sharing gifts, chocolates or food at work or school.

Whether you are spending time with friends, family or a significant other, the province is asking people to consider ordering in if they live together. If you choose to go out, the governments asks you follow guidelines for restaurants, movie theatres and other date spots.