REGINA -- After hearing he would be getting a sizeable rebate from SGI in the spring, Marc Spooner was wondering about how he should spend it.

“I saw that we were going to get approximately $285 back from SGI that was unexpected. Then I got thinking to myself, what if we all pooled our money together and did something neat, something big,” said Spooner. 

Spooner formed a Facebook group called Field of Dreams: Let’s do something together with our SGI Rebates.

“I was thinking maybe preserving a chunk of the prairie, or some boreal forest, or some project like that. We could really leave a legacy for Saskatchewanians for decades and lifetimes to come,” he said. 

So far, more than 100 people have pledged their SGI rebates toward the project. Participants will choose a worthwhile cause later this week. Many organizations are in need of help. Donating all or part of the rebate to a favourite charity could also be done individually. 

“Saskatchewanians are known for being generous and giving back and supporting their communities. I think it’s a great initiative for those who are able to donate back the dollars they are receiving from the SGI rebate cheques,” said Emily Armer, who is with the United Way of Regina. 

Those who may have donated $200 to other causes could get a substantial tax refund by also donating the SGI rebate. 

“Your tax savings work out to 43.5 per cent of your donated amount, so on an amount of around $285, your tax savings are going to be in the neighbourhood of $120, $121,” said accountant Greg Watkins. “That’s a pretty good return on your investment of what’s basically found money,”

In a statement, Minister Responsible for SGI Don Morgan commended the group for donating their rebates and thanked them for doing so. 

The Field of Dreams project has raised over $30,000 so far, and could also be the catalyst for a movement that turns the SGI rebate into several legacy projects for the province.