REGINA -- Moose Jaw’s Tracey Moody is happy to be back in Canada after her trip abroad was cut short by the COVID-19 virus.

“There was definitely a sigh of relief when I saw the moose outside Moose Jaw,” Moody said.

Moody travelled to India at the start of March to attend a friend’s wedding, taking her to a few different destinations until the COVID-19 pandemic started spreading around the globe, including in Canada.

“When we made it to New Delhi, it kind of became clear that I needed to get home,” Moody said.

After a few days stuck in airports, Moody arrived back in Saskatchewan and is now self-isolating for the next two weeks, which was mandated by the provincial government as law on Friday.

“This means you go home and stay home now, and if you don’t do this, you are now breaking the law,” stated Premier Scott Moe during Friday’s media conference.

Moody is concerned about the lack of screening she had to go through upon returning to Canada. She was expecting temperature checks or visual examinations, but none of that was required.

“They had kiosks where you did a self-filled out questionnaire and to me, humans are self interested and I don’t think they were going to be honest on that,” she said.

Regina’s Carla Beros was in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina when the Coronavirus outbreak started getting worse.

“We decided March 13 that we needed to get home, it was time,” she said. “Things were getting really stressful, my husband and I both have preexisting health conditions.”

Beros says she hasn’t been able to receive answered from Air Canada about whether anyone on her flight was infected with Coronavirus.

Beros and her husband are now self-isolating separately to avoid possibly passing COVID-19 to each other and others.

“It’s very concerning, especially the not knowing, if I know I was exposed, it would at least make me want to try and get tested,” Beros said.