REGINA -- Despite temporary Pfizer shipment delays, the Government of Saskatchewan is encouraging residents to get vaccinated as soon as possible, even if that means mixing brands.

This week in Saskatchewan, more clinics will be offering the Moderna vaccine. Speaking Monday, Premier Scott Moe stressed the importance of taking what’s available.

“The vaccines are working. 92 per cent of the people who have COVID-19 today are unvaccinated and those that are vaccinated are much, much safer than those that are not,” Moe said.

According to Dr. Hassan Masri, an intensive care unit doctor, many unvaccinated people who are now hospitalized with COVID-19 were misinformed about the disease and vaccines.

“Treating people who were given misinformation is extremely tough. I feel for these people,” Dr. Masri said.

Regina resident Shaadie Musleh is eligible to receive his second dose of vaccine. He said he is not concerned about having to mix and match brands.

“I was fine with that decision. I’m confident in the information that I’ve gotten and the experts that I’ve talked to,” Musleh said.

Musleh dropped by a Regina walk-in clinic on Monday, but was turned away due to limited vaccine supply.

“I’ll probably just wait for another day. Hopefully that email will come through and tell me that I’ve got my appointment,” Musleh said.


After nearly reaching its final vaccination target, Saskatchewan announced it is lifting all COVID-19 restrictions as of July 11.

The opposition NDP is glad to see the province reopening.

“You know, it’s been a very long 15 months but you know we saw the failures of the premier to control the second and third wave of COVID-19. We need to make sure that the vaccine rollout does not suffer the same fate,” Vicki Mowat, the NDP health critic, said.

Moe received his second shot on Sunday, but said he will not be taking things for granted. The premier said he plans on carrying a mask for a while, even after restrictions are lifted on July 11.