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Sask. sisters' sanctuary gives ponies and donkeys with special needs a second chance at life

Near Estevan, Sask. -

A sanctuary just outside of Estevan is giving some of Saskatchewan’s smallest equines with special needs the opportunity for a forever home.

Known as Happy Little Hooves, the sanctuary puts a focus on donkeys and ponies that have special medical or behavioral needs.

Often the animals have been rescued from abusive or neglectful situations.

Sisters Laura and Rhonda Stock opened the sanctuary in 2018, they are now at full capacity with 40 equines from all over Saskatchewan.

“We didn’t realize how much of a need there was, but within that first year I can’t even remember how many we took in, but it was a lot,” Rhonda Stock said.

Laura Stock said they had their sanctuary's name registered by January of 2019 and a plan they made that was expected to take around a decade became much shorter.

“Our 10 year plan turned into a two week plan because we had our first intake,” Laura Stock said.

Pre-veterinary student Saber Dodd has been volunteering for the sisters for the past four years and said the sanctuary is proof that good people still exist in the world.

“Volunteering here and being able to work with so many people has made me really just more empathetic with animals and people,” Dodd said. “It’s just really made it solid in my mind that this is what I want to do,” he added.

The Stock sisters have plans to update their shelters and fencing, they also would like to put more of a focus on addressing some common stereotypes about the animals.

“I’d always heard that donkeys are stubborn and mini horses are the devil,” Laura said. “So getting to do this and see how beautiful these little personalities are fulfills me and makes my life complete, “she added. Top Stories

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