A Saskatchewan company that specializes in skin esthetics is helping people feel more comfortable in their own skin.

Ashley Bernstein is a survivor a decade-long battle with self-injury. Soon, she won’t have to look at the scars that were part of her skin for so long.

“I’ve come to accept my scarring as almost like a strength and something I’ve overcome,” she told CTV News on Thursday. “So, if my scarring never totally disappears, that’s okay. But, the fact that this program can help me lessen the scarring and lessen the appearance, that’s awesome.”

Since October, Nu Image has been helping people who have been through traumatic events – whether from accident, illness or tragedy – by offering them free skin treatments.

Jennifer Fabrik, one of the minds behind the “Nu Beginnings” program, said appearance is linked to positive body and self-esteem.

“We saw the effects that appearance can have and scarring can have on people, on their confidence and their mental health,” she said. “As a community of Nu Image, we decided we wanted to help out.”

Bernstein said it’s helping cover her scars from the past and share her message of healing.

“You don’t have to be perfect in your appearance and in your mental health,” she said. “Everyone goes through these things and they’re just chapters of your life. These things don’t have to define you.”

Nu Image said applicants can email their stories and a photo of the impacted area of their skin. It also said some cases are, unfortunately, not treatable.

Based on a report by CTV Regina's Brittany Rosen