REGINA -- Nearly 50 people gathered in front of Regina’s RCMP Heritage Centre to voice their concerns about the treatment of Indigenous people by the RCMP.

The concerns were sparked by the recent dispute between police and the Mi’kmaq fishers in Nova Scotia.

Although the issue does not directly impact people on the prairies, Lynnase Pasap said it is an issue all Canadians should be paying attention to.

“People think that even thought it happened there that it won’t affect us, but treaty rights are all over Canada. It’s just not over there. If something were to happen similar here, I know we would want their support as well,” Lynnase said.

Similar gatherings are taking place across the country hoping to get the message of equal treatment of all.

“The Treaty 4 people here support them and stand in solidarity and we are watching what is happening over there,” an organizer of the event told CTV News.