It’s no ordinary birthday for Sophia Hardman.

This year, the grandmother of six and great grandmother of 12 turns 109.

"It doesn't feel any different than any other time, I feel good and that's it,” Hardman said.

She was born in 1910, and is the second oldest of five children.

Hardmans son, Roger says his mother’s resilience inspires him.

"Even after my dad passed away, she was always there. If you needed something, she was always there.”

"She has been a hard-working individual all her life. Even when she was 100 she was still planting a garden and canning and doing all that stuff. We actually had to slow her down,” grandson Darcy Harman said.

Her secret to living a long and healthy life is keeping busy.

"Oh I have no secrets, it's just hard work that's all. Working all the time and I still do. Keeping busy, working. Keep yourself busy and then you don't have time to get old,” she said.

Based on a report by Kathryn Fraser.