A Saskatchewan woman is embracing her divorce by throwing a party to celebrate it with her closes friends.

On the day she finalized her divorce, Nicole Niesner invited her friends to celebrate in some “semi-formal” attire.

“My friends started arriving in their wedding dresses and gifts of bottles of wine and other things and food and we just had a little party,” Neisner explained.

“I saw the girls on the couch and I thought, they really look like the “Friends” photo where Monica, Phoebe and Rachel are sitting on the couch with a bowl of popcorn in wedding dresses and I thought ‘This is perfect,’” said Niesner’s friend Eoanna Tatoulis.

The idea put Niesner and her friends in a better mood. They decided to share their photos online – and the story took the internet by storm. Niesner’s party has been shared around the world.

While many love the idea of a divorce party, others are strongly opposed to it. But, Neisner wants to make one thing clear.

“Nobody likes divorce. I don’t want to sensationalize it,” she explained. “I’m not promoting divorce, I’m promoting friendship and just people being able to come together and celebrate instead of looking at the negative side.”

With the amount of attention Niesner’s photos are getting, her friends are hopeful the idea of celebrating divorce might become a new normal.

“I think we’re able to remove a stigma about it and create a really positive movement going forward,” Tatoulis said.

Based on a report by CTV Regina's Gina Martin