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Sask. woman with terminal cancer seeks new home for 3 dogs

For many people, pets are like family. One Regina woman is asking for help to make sure her furry friends will be going to a good home due to her ongoing battle with cancer.

Olive, Budda and Sysco are three dogs who make up a happy little family along with their owner, Susan Dickens.

However, due to a terminal diagnosis, Dickens is searching for a home that can eventually take care of her dogs.

“Well I have terminal cancer and I’m in heart failure. So my future is uncertain, I could be here for a year, more or less. Its up in the air if anything happens,” Dickens said.

“I need peace of mind just to know they’re going to a good place and they must stay together. I know it’s a tall ask but I love them that much.”

All three of the dogs are rescues, most of whom were taken in by Dickens' late husband.

Now, as her health declines, she is feeling the pressure to make sure her dogs are taken care of.

Olive, Buddah and Cisco are all between 13 and 15 years old. Dicken’s is looking for a home that can allow the senior dogs to live out their well deserved retirement.

Olive. (Hallee Mandryk/CTV News)

Budda. (Hallee Mandryk/CTV News)

Sysco. (Hallee Mandryk/CTV News)

Throughout her health struggles – Sue’s mind is mainly occupied with ensuring her dogs are taken care of after she is gone.

“I deal with a lot but I deal with it well. I’m not complaining or looking for pity, it’s these guys I’m worried about. That’s it,” Dickens said.

“If I know they’re going to have a good place to go, I’d be overjoyed.” Top Stories

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