The Hunter Brothers are going viral thanks to video they shared on while working on their family farm near Shaunavon.

The musical group of brothers weretrying to complete their harvest, despite the recent snow that blew into Saskatchewan in early October. The wet weather put a lot of farmers behind in their harvesting this year, and like the Hunter Brothers, they were forced to work in the mud.

“We had four combines get stuck, a semi get stuck, and it seemed as if Murphy's law was working overtime” said Ty Hunter. 

The group decided if one more combine went down, they would share a song with everyone that they’ve been working on.

That’s exactly what the bothers did. They posted a live Facebook video of a parody of country singer Corb Lund’s song, “My Truck Got Stuck”.

The video has been viewed 608K times on Facebook since it was posted on Monday and they are thankful that people were able to have a good laugh with them.

The group wanted to post something positive to keep farmers’ moods light through this difficult harvest.

“Despite the [weather] circumstances, we wish all the farmers out there the best in trying to get their crops put in the bin.”

To see the entire video, check out the Hunter Brothers' Facebook page.