Netflix is planning to expand its production across Canada, but Saskatchewan is being left out of the conversation.

Netflix named Toronto its Canadian production headquarters and plans to bring $500 million worth of work to Canada over the next five years. It plans to lease eight soundstages in Toronto.

While the Ontario government says it’s creating an environment for job creators and worker to thrive, the Saskatchewan government is saying it isn’t interested in offering incentives to out-of-province production companies.

“It’s a hugely competitive sector and the ability to attract that requires public investment,” said Candace Caswell from Saskatchewan Culture.

Filmmaker and University of Regina professor Layton Burton says Netflix’s expansion is great for the rest of the country, but Saskatchewan is getting left behind.

“(It’s) great for the crews in Toronto, but it’s also good for production across our country except here,” he said. “Everywhere other jurisdictions will have access to Netflix productions being produced and that’s good for provinces that have those capabilities.”

The opposition NDP says the government can learn from Ontario.

“We have an incredible world-class soundstage that’s sitting idle and we are missing out,” said NDP MLA Trent Wotherspoon.

Regina has one soundstage the movie-making era. The biggest production it’s used for is Saskatchewan Fashion Week, which is shutting down in 2019.

Based on reporting by CTV’s Wayne Mantyka