Pharmacists in Saskatchewan will be allowed to prescribe for a greater number of health ailments and to give more flu shots under a new deal reached with the province.

Funding is being given to pharmacists to administer flu shots to children between five and eight, as well as to people living in care homes or assisted living apartments.

Until now, pharmacists could vaccinate people nine and older at pharmacies only.

A program allowing pharmacists to prescribe for some ailments is also being expanded to include 10 new conditions, including urinary tract infections in women, emergency contraceptives, pink eye and shingles.

There is also a 20-cent increase in prescription dispensing fees to $11.60.

The deal between the government and the Pharmacy Association of Saskatchewan is for one year and takes effect on Thursday.

"Pharmacists play an important role in providing better access to appropriate patient care and improving the patient experience," Health Minister Jim Reiter said in a release.