SaskEnergy has received several reports of a telemarketing scam involving individuals who claim to be representatives of the crown corporation.

According to SaskEnergy, the scammers call customers and threaten to disconnect their natural gas unless a payment is made within 30 minutes using cash or Bitcoin.

Calls have been reported in Regina, Saskatoon, Swift Current, Duck Lake and Gull Lake. A number being used in the scam is 1-866-339-0369.

SaskEnergy says that although it does contact customers via phone occasionally, it will never impose a 30 minute deadline for payment, or ask for cash or Bitcoin.

Customers who receive calls like this should report it to SaskEnergy. If someone shows up in person asking for payment, call the police. If unsure the person contacting you is from SaskEnergy, ask for their name and call SaskEnergy back at 1-800-567-8899.